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Weems Hospital Ambulance Service

Weems Hospital Ambulance Service is a skilled, caring, and progressive emergency medical service proudly serving the citizens and visitors of Franklin County, Florida.  The service is comprised of nearly 30 talented Advanced Life Support providers, in the roles of Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic.  Utilizing three ambulances and a quick response command vehicle, stationed throughout the county, the service provides state of the art care to ill and injured patients.  Weems Hospital Ambulance Service specializes in the rapid care and stabilization of all types of patients, with a focus on the critical patients suffering from airway and respiratory compromise, cardiac disorders, stroke, and traumatic injuries.  

Each Weems Ambulance contains the following:

Lifepak 15 cardiac monitors equipped with the latest technology in cardiac rhythm monitoring and correction

A full array of advanced medications for the treatment of all cardiac and medical disorders

Lucas 2 automated CPR devices providing the best in technology and circulation during caridac arrest

Real time, live communication with Weems Emergency Physicians for in-field treatment guidance.