Weems Implements COVID-19 Precautions

George E. Weems Memorial Hospital has been working hard to keep our patients, staff, and community healthy and safe. In response to the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic, we have taken multiple measures and precautions to minimize the spread of this infection. We are following all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Health, and Florida Hospital Association. Weems is prepared for and capable of providing care for patients with an illness, including the COVID-19 virus.
To prevent the spread of this virus, some of the specific temporary actions we have taken are:
Restricting visitors in the hospital to one visitor per patient at a time. We will also be limiting visitors in the ER to only 1.
Restricting visitors to only those over the age of 17.
Encouraging those over the age of 65 with chronic health conditions to minimize visitations to decrease the risk of possible exposure.
Screening all visitors for signs and symptoms of infection or exposure to infected persons.
Requiring all patients with fever or flu-like symptom (cough or shortness of breath) to wear a mask. Following all posted precautions and instructions within the hospital and clinics.
After 4:30pm, all visitors to the hospital must enter through the ER, as well as on weekends.
In Pursuant to Governor DeSantis Emergency Order on March 15, 2020 per AHCA, all swing bed patient visits are prohibited until further notice.

All visitors, patients, and vendors will be screened through a questionnaire for visitation. Anyone who has had foreign travel within the last 14 days, been in contact with someone who has traveled, has upper respiratory symptoms, or a fever greater than 100.5 degrees will NOT be allowed to visit.

These restrictions will be going into effect immediately. We will provide updates as conditions change. The best precautions you can take to prevent infections are:
• Frequent handwashing for at least 20 seconds • Covering coughs and sneezes to avoid spreading the virus • Getting a flu shot each year • Stay home if you are sick, including keeping children home if they are sick • Calling your healthcare provider if you develop flu-like symptoms.