Weems Memorial Receives National Recognition for Its Telehealth Program

George E. Weems Memorial Hospital is one of three rural hospitals in the U.S. to receive national recognition recently for its innovative approach to providing telehealth services to the community.The National Rural Health Resource Center notified Weems in mid July of the Collaboration Through Telehealth award which recognizes the Weems telemedicine program that consists of coordinating with the Franklin County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH) to install the necessary telehealth equipment in county ambulances and in the Weems Clinics to provide remote patient access directly with Weems and TMH emergency physicians.Weems CEO David Walker said the Weems, TMH and Franklin County EMS collaboration is a great medical solution for rural Franklin County and said he is grateful for the support and recognition by the federal and state rural health leaders. “The recognition means a lot to Weems because we are striving to connect the dots using telemedicine to bring excellence in health care to the people who need it the most,” said Weems CEO David Walker. Walker said Weems has plans to expand telehealth services to include telehealth 911 services and additional telemedicine services throughout the local healthcare system.