Weems Begins Measurement-based Care for Veterans

In an effort to serve the mental health needs of military veterans living in the area, Weems Memorial Hospital is joining with the Veterans Administration (VA) and Florida State University to integrate measurement-based care (MBC) into patient care.

MBC is the routine administration of symptom rating scales and use of the results to drive clinical decision making at the level of the individual patient.

The process involves taking a questionnaire every time you see your provider. The results may help you and your provider see how you are doing currently and over time progress.

Health officials say MBC helps you to see how you are doing over time and advocate for yourself. MBC can also help you start to talk with your provider about what’s working in your care and what’s not.

“This practice may improve both face-to-face and telemental health encounters and will help optimize resources and connection to outside services for our veterans,” said, David Walker, Weems CEO.

“We are hopeful that this initial partnership with VA and FSU can lead to additional opportunities to expand care for veterans seen in our clinics including other services in addition to mental and behavioral health.”

To learn more about veteran measurement-based-care, please contact Susie Buskirk at Weems Medical Clinic (850) 653-1525.