Weems Hospital Board Recommends Tallahassee Memorial/Alliant for Management

The George E. Weems Memorial Hospital Board of Directors voted Tuesday, April 28 to recommend to the Franklin County Board of County Commissioners that the County enter negotiations with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and Alliant to manage Weems Hospital, EMS, and both clinics. 

The recommendation did not include any recommendations to pursue building a new hospital.

“The management recommendation does not include the building any new facility in Franklin County because of the economic downturn of the country,” said Weems CEO David Walker.

Walker said he felt he needed to make that clarification because he had noticed “a lot of inaccurate information regarding the Weems Hospital Board’s recommendation.”

“We just want to move our hospital into a higher level clinical, medical and operational efficiencies and the Hospital Board thinks TMH/Alliant will be a good partner. We’re not talking about building a hospital right now. It’s just not true,” he said. 

The Franklin County commission will hear the Weems board recommendation at their meeting on Thursday, April 30.