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Primary Care Providers

Roy "Skip" Parker, PA-C, DFAAPA

Sussete Valdueza, FNP-BC

Patrick F. O. Conrad, MD, Supervising Clinic Physician


Rotating Specialty Care Providers

To schedule an appointment with a physician from Advanced Urology Institute, call 850-309-0400 or toll free 800-689-6678 

To schedule an appointment with a gynecologist, call 850-877-7241 or toll free 855-466-3592 

To schedule an appointment with a specialist from Dermatology Associates, call (850) 877-4134.

Are you recovering from a surgery, stroke or trauma and need rehabilitative therapy before going home? With today’s shorter hospital stays, your need for skilled rehabilitation care is an important part of the healing process. Weems Memorial Rehab Care is here to guide you through your healing process and best of all, it is local with loved ones nearby to help and encourage you.


For more information, please contact Becky Gibson, Director of Nursing

Phone (850)653-8853 ext. 108

Email bgibson@weemsmemorial.com


Tell your doctor that you want to come to

Weems Memorial Hospital for your Rehab Care.