Patients & Visitors

Patient Portals

Your information is obtained from your electronic medical record. Hospital records and clinic records are accessed through separate patient portals. Learn more about our patient portals.

Billing & Financial Information

With the exception of outpatient, non-emergent procedures, Weems Memorial Hospital will generally accept and file a claim for any type of insurance provided. If Weems is a participating provider, your insurance company will receive a discounted rate based on its contract with Weems. Learn more about our billing & financial information.

Rights & Responsibilities

Weems Memorial respects the basic human rights and personal dignity of each patient. As a patient, you have the right and responsibility to be informed and participate in decisions involving your care. Learn more about our patient's rights and responsibilities

Medical Records

To request a copy of your medical records from WMH, you will need to submit a written request to our Medical Records Department. You may use our standard authorization form or write a letter. Learn more about medical records.

Hospital Amenities

Weems Memorial Hospital in Apalachicola offers great amenities for their patients and visitors. Learn more about our amenities.

Visiting a Patient

Weems Memorial is a small rural hospital where family comes first. We welcome patient guests because we realize the essential role they play in a patient’s recovery.

Learn about our Mask Policy:  Visitation and Mask Policy 5-19-2022

Learn more about visiting a patient.